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Welcome to Portfolio Analysis                                        

I appreciate your interest in my investment service. This web site is intended to give you a sense of who I am, why I have founded Portfolio Analysis, what the service provides to clients, and its cost.

After 15+ years of experience in the world of investing, it became evident to me that there was a tremendous need for seasoned investment counsel, without the higher cost and ongoing commitment required by most money managers. If an investor was willing to implement the recommendations, arrange for custody, and determine the frequency of the reviews; then, advisory fees could be considerably less. Unequivocably, the analytical effort must be comparable to the top tier of Wall Street's investment talent.  However the cost for access to that advice could be much lower than the typical managers.

Years of experience led me to another conclusion: that there was a need for independent, unbiased advice that was customized and security-specific. Truly customized counsel is hard to find.  All-inclusive analysis needs to consider the entire range of securities. Given that the range is so wide and the knowledge is so vast to understand it, portfolio advice covering all kinds of investments is rare. Consistent monitoring of multiple, global markets is required for such broad scrutiny. Equally important, this knowledge needs to fit the client's circumstances and objectives.  

By design, my professional background and academic interests enable analysis of this breadth and depth. Portfolio Analysis was established to meet needs not easily accommodated by the advisory community.

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